Text revision or proofreading is an essential stage in the publishing process. Language mistakes, due to the lack of knowledge, attention or time when writing, may cause suspicion or surprise in the reader and make it difficult to understand the message with the required accuracy. In such cases, the credibility of an author or the image of a business is often undermined. Therefore, it is necessary to rely on the work of the proofreader.

This service applies to all types of texts:

Books - Magazines - Literary works-Theses and dissertations - Projects - Curricula- Papers - Presentations - Conferences - Official documents - Advertisements - Banners - Catalogues - Brochures - Press Releases -Cover letters-Websites - Instruction manuals - Reports - Newsletters - Circulars - Internal communications - Email- Correspondence



Levels of proofreading

Spelling and grammar check

This service will detect and eliminate all types of spelling and punctuation mistakes, correct grammatical errors and unify typographical criteria that are not always used properly (correct use of bold, italic or upper case; adjustment of titles, captions or statements; bibliographic references, indexes…). The resulting writing will be appropriate, transparent and, therefore, communicatively effective.


Style correction

This process will improve the discourse, ensure consistency, adapt the mood of the text to the content, as well as enhance and enrich the vocabulary to give greater accuracy to the message. This revision corrects common errors in the use of language –wrong sentence structure, non-English words, incorrect use of prepositions– and provides other interventions to avoid lexical repetitions and to make an appropriate use of verb tenses, for example. The text resulting will be clear, orderly, accurate and with a greater persuasive capacity.